[Ontbirds] Holiday Beach Conservation Area (30 Sep 2015) 2243 Raptors

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Wed Sep 30 21:29:06 EDT 2015

Holiday Beach Conservation Area
Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada
Daily Raptor Counts: Sep 30, 2015

Species            Day's Count    Month Total   Season Total
------------------ ----------- -------------- --------------
Turkey Vulture             908           1455           1455
Osprey                       2             67             67
Bald Eagle                   4            104            104
Northern Harrier            24            322            322
Sharp-shinned Hawk         595           4844           4844
Cooper's Hawk                8             54             54
Northern Goshawk             0              0              0
Red-shouldered Hawk          3              3              3
Broad-winged Hawk          363          16484          16484
Red-tailed Hawk             13            103            103
Rough-legged Hawk            0              0              0
Golden Eagle                 0              0              0
American Kestrel           298           1094           1094
Merlin                       5             37             37
Peregrine Falcon             3             18             18
Unknown Accipiter            0              7              7
Unknown Buteo               12             26             26
Unknown Eagle                0              0              0
Unknown Falcon               1              2              2
Unknown Raptor               4             12             12
Swainson's Hawk              0              1              1

Total:                    2243          24633          24633

Observation start time: 06:30:00 
Observation end   time: 17:00:00 
Total observation time: 10.5 hours

Official Counter:        Jenna McDermott

Observers:        Jim McCoy

We had 13 visitors today, all being able to experience the excitement of
such a great variety of raptors from the tower. 

It truly felt like fall today, with temperatures between 12C and 18C.
Visibility was good and little miniature rainbows kept showing up in the
sky. Cloud cover was almost complete in the morning and by the end of the
count it was almost nonexistent. The wind blew from the north all day, on
average at 18kph, but with gusts up to 30kph, making it tricky to keep a
steady binocular view.

Raptor Observations:
The strong wind drove birds past consistently all day, contorting wing
shapes, and at such speeds that you'd think even a kestrel could win the
Indy500. It was a busy day with 12 species, including our first of the
season Red-shouldered Hawks! An astounding number of Broadwings are also
still passing through, coming by in small kettles, or mixed in with Turkey
Vultures. Turkey Vultures started coming through in numbers today, and
American Kestrels booted past almost constantly after the first few hours,
being at times more plentiful than even Sharp-shinned Hawks. Turkey
Vultures and Broadwings were often high in the sky and headed NW,
presumably to avoid being stranded over the lake. Most of the other species
headed straight west, and Northern Harriers stayed the lowest, hunting the

Non-raptor Observations:
The morning saw plentiful birds flying and feeding around the tower,
including 9 species of warbler and many other unidentified warblers flying
past. Red-winged Blackbirds, Cedar Waxwings, American Golfinches, 5 Chimney
Swifts and 1 hummingbird passed over the marsh as well. Blue Jays were
making up lost time from a low count yesterday, and got up to 21,810 by
noon, at which point raptors were too busy and not much effort was put into
further recording of non-raptors. 1 Monarch battled it through the high
winds. See today's eBird list

A cooler day with NE winds all day that will be even stronger than today's.
Expect more raptors shooting past, likely a day similar to today.
Report submitted by Jenna McDermott (jmcdermo at alumni.uoguelph.ca)
Holiday Beach Conservation Area information may be found at:

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