[Ontbirds] High Park Hawkwatch Summary, Sept.30, and Oct.1, 2015

Tim McCarthy timmccarthy_5 at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 1 17:28:44 EDT 2015

From: Tim Mccarthy, via Ontbirds
Hello Hawkers
Sorry I missed the past day and a half (medical reasons) because, as you can see, all heck breaks loose when I'm not there. Now don't you go saying I should stay home for good because I love the Hawkwatch. (Imagine never hearing another corny joke?)  So do a number of greater known and lesser known birders who showed up for the Watch during the past 2 days who love hawks and corny jokes. Special thanks to Hugh Mcneil who stood in to file these reports (worst jokes of anybody). The hawks all will benefit from your support.  Our totals for the 2 days were:
Turkey Vulture         453
Osprey                            1
Bald Eagle                    30
Sharp Shin                    52
Coopers'                          3
Broad Winged                1
Red Tailed                     18
Am. Kestrel                     8
Merlin                              3
Peregrine                        2
Un Buteo                         1
Un. Falcon                       1
Un. Raptor                      3
We couldn't have done better with a Bald Eagle feeding station. If you like the big guys as much as we do you'd better come up with an appointment tomorrow and come to the Hill. They pass through quite randomly all afternoon, even after we're gone, I'm sure. Most have been quite high so bring your bins. Its amazing to see a thing the size of an ironing board a mere speck in the sky. Makes you wonder how many birds we miss. See you tomorrow on:
Hawk Hill right next to the Grenadier Restaurant parking lot in High Park.
Happy Hawking and Excellent Eagling?
Tim Mccarthy

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