[Ontbirds] IMPORTANT UPDATE for Hamilton OFO Trip tomorrow

Leonard Manning olivesided at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 10:31:15 EDT 2015


A few notes for those still wishing to participate in the trip tomorrow. It
will run rain or shine.
That said, we need to be realistic and take a look at this forecast, which
is unfortunately, looking poorer and poorer as we get closer to the trip.


At the beginning of the week, conditions looked ok for a lake watch.
However, the current estimate is of 50 KM HOUR E AND NORTH EAST WINDS
with 80 KM GUSTS!!!....this makes a lake watch completely out of the
question. I scouted the lake today and it is absolutely unbearable, and I
am used to being at the lake during awful conditions.
I also scouted several other locations and they are very difficult to bird.
Woodlots are absolutely out of the question as I will not risk injury to
anyone due to falling branches and or tree limbs. This is a very real and
likely scenario with the strong N and NE winds of the predicted strengths.

I will come out and say it, this will be a very difficult trip and I would
advise only the absolute hardiest of souls attend. PLAN FOR WINTER
CONDITIONS. A high of 11 means it will feel like February at some the
locations we may visit. I am just trying to be realistic. Of course, it is
also forecasted to rain now, so we also have to be prepared to be freezing
and wet.


I will see a few of you tomorrow.
My phone is 289-456-6502 if you need to text , call or just talk about the
stock market.

Love Len

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