[Ontbirds] Sabine's gulls at Erieau

Steve Charbonneau steve.charbonneau60 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 11:31:39 EDT 2015

*Hi Everyone,*

*A quick update regarding the Sabine's gulls at Erieau.  At 8:03, the first
gull flew towards the pier from way out on the lake and landed on the pier
briefly.  It then flew a bit and landed on the water beside the pier for a
minute.  I got quite a few photos of this bird, both sitting and flying. It
finally got up and flew east towards Rondeau.  The second gull arrived from
the west at 8:20 and again flew east over the pier and continued easterly.
At 8:50, I saw 2 Sabine's about 1/2 km west of the pier and both landed on
the water with about 25 bonaparte's gulls.  These 2 birds remained in the
area.  Eventually, I drove west and parked on the asphalt parking area at
the end of Nichols Ave.  There is a beach park there.  When I left there at
10:40, one of the gulls was on the beach with about 400 others gulls and
the other was directly out in the water sitting with some bonies.  They may
still be there. I believe there were 4 different individuals all together

*Directions:  To get to Erieau, go west on Talbot Trail (Hwy 3) from
Blenheim.  Turn south on Erieau Rd and follow into the village of Erieau.
Go to the stop sign at the Eau Buoy Restaurant and turn right.  When the
road curves left, stay straight instead and park near the playground
equipment.  If the gulls are not here, you should try the pier area at the
end of the road. *

*Good luck!*


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