[Ontbirds] Arctic Terns near Hutch's French Fries at VanWagner's Beach, Hamilton

Wayne Renaud waynerenaud12 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 15:56:29 EDT 2015

After the OFO birding outing led by Len Manning I end up going back to
Hutchin's Restaurant at 1:15 pm to watch the lake.  As the rain started
around 2:30 pm and flock of mixed gulls and terns flew in from the lake and
landed with a group of gulls already gathered there.  With the flock were
two juvenile Arctic Terns.  I was able to see from 70 feet the differences
between the Arctic Terns and juvenile and winter plumage adult Common
Terns.  The juvenile Arctic Terns were characterized by pale grey scaling
on the back, wing coverts and primaries; short black bill; round head; dark
cap on back of head and nape somewhat less restricted; very light
carpal-bar relative to the juvenile Common Terns; noticeable smaller body
mass. Because of sleet; drizzle and high winds I was unable to
photographs.  Andrew Don told me that he seen a small flock of Arctic Terns
near on the island off East Port Drive just after 7:00 this morning.

Located off Van Wagners Beach Road which can be accessed off the QEW from
the Woodward exiting heading east or the East Port Drive exit heading west.

Wayne Renaud (waynerenaud12 at gmail.com)

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