[Ontbirds] Arctic Terns at near Hutch's French Fries, Van Wagner's Beach, Hamilton

Andrew adon14 at cogeco.ca
Sat Oct 3 16:27:35 EDT 2015

Just wanted to be clear about the terns seen this morning. At 715am I saw 22 small terns flying around the 2nd island down Eastport drive, 2 looked like could have smaller head and bills than the other terns.
I am not 100peecent sure of id so wasn't going to post. At no point did I say a flock of Arctic Terns

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> On Oct 3, 2015, at 4:01 PM, Wayne Renaud <waynerenaud12 at gmail.com> wrote:
> After the OFO birding outing led by Len Manning I end up going back to
> Hutchin's Restaurant at 1:15 pm to watch the lake.  As the rain started
> around 2:30 pm and flock of mixed gulls and terns flew in from the lake and
> landed with a group of gulls already gathered there.  With the flock were
> two juvenile Arctic Terns.  I was able to see from 70 feet the differences
> between the Arctic Terns and juvenile and winter plumage adult Common
> Terns.  The juvenile Arctic Terns were characterized by pale grey scaling
> on the back, wing coverts and primaries; short black bill; round head; dark
> cap on back of head and nape somewhat less restricted; very light
> carpal-bar relative to the juvenile Common Terns; noticeable smaller body
> mass. Because of sleet; drizzle and high winds I was unable to
> photographs.  Andrew Don told me that he seen a small flock of Arctic Terns
> near on the island off East Port Drive just after 7:00 this morning.
> Directions:
> Located off Van Wagners Beach Road which can be accessed off the QEW from
> the Woodward exiting heading east or the East Port Drive exit heading west.
> Wayne Renaud (waynerenaud12 at gmail.com)
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