[Ontbirds] Franklin's Gulls - Erieau

Brian Morin brianlmorin at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 22:29:32 EST 2015

I had a flock of 10 on the lake at the entrance to Erieau Harbour at dawn.
The birds left together in a single flock at 7:30 and I relocated them
around 10:45, again on the lake but not far from shore where Erie Shore Dr.
meets Dyke Rd. I never saw them on land today but they did a flyby over
land there. There was also an Eastern Bluebird beside McGeachy Pond on Erie
Shore Dr.

Brian Morin

Directions:  From Blenheim take Cty Rd 3 west to Cty Rd 12. Head south to
Erie Shore Dr which is before Erieau.

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