[Ontbirds] Cave Swallows and Red Phalarope Bronte Bluffs/Beach Park, Cave Swallows Sedgewick Park, Oakville

Cheryl Edgecombe cheryle29 at cogeco.ca
Sat Nov 21 10:52:05 EST 2015

There were three Cave Swallows flying around Bronte Bluffs park and over the
beach just east of here.  The Red Phalarope continues to be seen here as
well.  Check Bronte Harbour as well

There are also two Cave Swallows over the tanks at Sedgewick, famous spot
for winter warblers.

Bronte Beach:

QEW to Bronte Road south to Lakeshore, right (west) on Lakeshore over the
bridge to west River.  Go into the parking lot for the marina (second
entrance) just before the hill.

Sedgewick Park Oakville

QEW to third line, south to hixon then east on hixon to the end.  Park here
and walk to tanks.  I think the Jehovah witness parking lot is chained off
due to problems with Vandalism.


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