[Ontbirds] Woodstock CBC preliminary results

Jeff Skevington jhskevington at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 22:51:27 EST 2015

The 82nd Woodstock CBC was held today (December 19th). Strong west winds
and driving snow for most of the morning made conditions challenging.
Despite this, we tallied 89,708 individual birds of 65 species (69,714 of
which were American Crows). The recent average number of species is 61 and
our record is 72.

Best birds of the count were a Harris's Sparrow, a Chipping Sparrow and a
Turkey Vulture. All were recorded for only the second time on the count.
The previous count record for Chipping Sparrow was of two birds found on
the 1995 count. Our only other Turkey Vulture on the count was in 2007. Our
last Harris's Sparrow was one found on the 1987 count. This count's bird
has been at a feeder near Braemar since November 23rd. It took several
visits by two teams before it was finally added to the day list.

Other interesting sightings on the count included 1 Mute Swan (8th count),
2 Snow Geese (6th count), 7 Cackling Geese (9th count), 24 Hooded
Mergansers (new high count), 12 Sandhill Cranes (3rd count), 2 Iceland
Gulls (5th count, new high count), 1 Lesser Black-backed Gull (3rd count),
1 Turkey Vulture (2nd count), 1 Merlin (10th count), 2 Peregrine Falcons
(3rd count, new high count), 1 Short-eared Owl (7th count), 3 Eastern
Bluebirds (9th count), and 468 Brown-headed Cowbirds (new record high

Notable misses included: poor showing of the less common ducks (in
particular, no Green-winged Teal, Wood Duck), American Kestrel (CW only),
Hermit Thrush (CW only) and White-throated Sparrow (ouch).

Thanks to all of the counters that came out this year, in particular some
new participants. Thanks also to John and Thora Harvey who hosted the
compilation as they have for many years now.


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