[Ontbirds] Linwood CBC, Dec. 28, 2015

Ken Burrell kenneth.gd.burrell at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 23:04:22 EST 2015

Hi everyone,

The 10th Linwood CBC was held today (December 28th). Overall, the weather
was not specifically conducive for the count, particularly with respect to
the strong winds from the north and east throughout the entire day,
however, the freezing rain/mixed precipitation did not hit until dusk.

A record high, 58 species were seen on count day, with an additional 5
species recorded to-date within the count-week period.

Total number of individuals were also a high, with 20,628 individuals
recorded (average is 11,235), largely owing to open water of Conestogo Lake
and the high number of gulls present.

Four new species for the count were found today, plus an additional new
specie seen during the count-week period; this brings the cumulative
species total to 91.
Green-winged Teal – 1 female at Conesotogo Lake

Northern Shoveler – 1 bird along the Conestogo River

Thayer’s Gull – 1 first-basic at Conestogo Lake

Sandhill Crane – 199 birds seen in 3 flocks (57, 140, 2) throughout

Canvasback – 6 birds seen at Conestogo Lake on Dec. 25 (count-week)

Unusual species: American Wigeon (3rd), Northern Pintail (2nd), Hooded
Merganser (2nd), Red-breasted Merganser (2nd), Lesser Black-backed Gull (2nd),
Iceland Gull (2nd).

Raptor numbers: the Linwood CBC was started as a way to document raptor
populations in the area, with count participants mapping all locations.

Bald Eagle – 8 (new high count)

Northern Harrier – 21 (this is very high for the count; usually a
challenging species to get on the CBC)

Sharp-shinned Hawk – 4 (average)

Cooper’s Hawk – 5 (average)

Red-tailed Hawk – 77 (low, but I was surprised at how high the number was)

Rough-legged Hawk – 44 (the counts lowest by a long-shot; very interesting
at how few are around)

American Kestrel – 2 (this is a low count, there are more birds around,
however, the weather no doubt was not conducive)

Eastern Screech-Owl – 11 (decent count for the weather)

Great Horned Owl – 1

Snowy Owl – 5

Gull and waterfowl numbers, overall were very high, while woodpeckers, and
raptors were in much lower numbers; likely due to the weather conditions,
both during the count today and in the weeks leading up to the count.

Thanks to all the counters we had this year and especially to my parents
who hosted the post-count meal and compilation. For more information or if
you find any "good" species in the count circle between now and December
31, please contact me privately.

Here is a map showing the location of the Linwood and all other Canadian
Christmas Bird Counts:


Happy New Years!

Ken Burrell
kenneth.gd.burrell at gmail.com

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