[Ontbirds] Saugeen Shores CBC , December 30, 2015

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Fri Jan 1 22:03:37 EST 2016

The 12th Annual Saugeen Shores Christmas Bird Count was held on Wednesday. December 30, 2015.  The weather was between 2C and -1C all day with weather events which included everything from the sun peeking through the clouds to rain, sleet and snow.  During several snow events, there were times when visibility was reduced to less than 1/4 of a Concession.  Lake Huron and all inland creeks and rivers were free of ice.  
Thirty-nine people and 7 feeder watchers were involved with the count.  Two volunteers canoed the Saugeen River.  Two parties did some early morning owling, without success.
64 species were recorded and a total of 12,225 individual birds were sighted.  The previous high of 59 species occurred in 2011.  The 12 year cumulative total is 97 species.

Five new species were added to the count - Canvasback, Tundra Swan, Barred Owl, Harlequin Duck and Cackling Goose.  
New Highs  (previous high - year)Canada Goose 5058 (3655 -  2014)Rock Pigeon 609 (477 - 2005)Downey Woodpecker 45 (38 - 2011)Horned Lark 17 (12 - 2014) this is the 4th time they have been sighted on the count
Notable Mallard - the second highest year at 204 - 2014 was the highest year at 402Bufflehead - new low at 12 - 11 year average is 38Bald Eagle - tied high at 36 with 2011 Golden Eagle were not present this year (they have been sighted every year but one since 2008)Merlin have been present on the count for 3 of the last 4 yearsHerring Gull numbers - 1457 - are the highest since 2006Snowy Owl were absent from the count for the first time since 2011Black-capped Chickadee at 458 is the highest they have been since 2005European Starling the highest they have been since 2006American Goldfinch were the only finches present in good numbers
Thank you to the many local and "from a distance" volunteers who helped with the count. It was a good day.
Norah Toth

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