[Ontbirds] Vermilion Flycatcher- Wallaceburg, ON - A Proposal for its survival

alfred adamo aadamonature at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 09:15:21 EST 2016

As there are stables on the property, could the owners be contacted and asked to leave the doors partially open until dusk so that the bird could possibly fly in and roost there for the night?  It could also spend especially cold days in there as well and there should be a steady food source present (flies, etc.).    A Phainopepla survived one winter in a barn in southwestern Ontario back in the 1970's.  Possibly there is already a gap/open window present and the bird is spending the nights there but from Stu's description this doesn't appear to be the case.

Alfred Adamo

On 2016-01-01, at 10:37 PM, Stuart Williams wrote:

> I visited the Vermilion Flycatcher for the second time in a few weeks and
> noted something regarding the bird's condition today which may indicate a
> deterioration in the bird's health. I have been advised that I should post
> this information with the intent that local birders in the Wallaceburg area
> may monitor any further erosion of the health of the bird. Today as we
> viewed the bird, Bruce Aikins noted that there appeared to be ice covering
> the feet of the bird. Upon reviewing photos taken today it is apparent that
> the "feet" of the bird are encased in ice--- so much so that the bird is
> unable to extend the feet when perching upon the flat surface of a post
> top---the feet stay curled since they are encased in an ice cast. When
> perching upon a twig or cable (rope) it is unable to wrap its feet around
> the object and uses its body to brace against it. I do not think that this
> flycatcher has a counter current circulation subsequently the core temp of
> the bird is in danger. This may be a temporary set-back for the bird but I
> do think that the condition presented today indicates that daily monitoring
> of the bird is warranted. Possibly this bird may be a candidate for a rehab
> project very soon.
> Stu
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