[Ontbirds] American Robins (Numerous), Queensville, ON (Fields West of Leslie St. South of Milne Lane)

Steve Kinsley steven.kinsley at sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 11 17:35:05 EST 2016

Unsure whether to report this, but today in the early afternoon there were numerous (50-75 estimate) American Robins in the fields west of Leslie St. in Queensville. Typically in winter in Queensville we might see a few robins around, but I have never seen this many in January! Across the road from the veterinary clinic/farm near the south end of Queensville, there is a gated former farm laneway (land is owned by developers but still rented for agricultural purposes), but many in the community still walk along the laneway by easily skirting around the gate. About 100 m west of Leslie St. the laneway comes to the edge of a harvested cornfield, and the robins were in many trees along the north edge of that cornfield, foraging for berries, crab and full-size apples and flying south to the next fenceline where there are also many apple trees. Counted a minimum of 50 robins, and may have been as many as 75 around - difficult to count as they would fly back and forth between rgw norht and south fencelines. Also observed (as typical) a good number of Juncos, various types of woodpeckers, goldfinches, and a flock of 30 snow buntings, among other typical winter birds. 

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