[Ontbirds] Ottawa: Harlequin Duck

Jon Ruddy accipitriformes at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 13:44:35 EST 2016

Hi there,

The female Harlequin Duck found by Roger Clark on 9 January continues at
Bate Island. Several of us had excellent views from the fence line along
the NE section of the island today (12 January) at noon. We also observed
the continuing female Wood Duck along the Rideau River, seen looking SE
from the new bridge at Strathcona Park. It was tucked in along the
shoreline with some Mallards and American Black Ducks.

Directions to Bate Island as per those provided on NeilyWorld: From Highway
417 (The Queensway) take exit 123 (Island Park Drive) if traveling west or
exit 124 (Carling Avenue) if driving east. Immediately upon exiting, in 250
metres, you will merge with Carling Avenue. As left turns are prohibited
onto Merivale Road, which joins Island Park Drive, you will want to cross
the traffic lanes and turn left onto Kirkwood Avenue. Go NNW on Kirkwood
for 1.2 km and turn right on Byron Avenue. Proceed 0.4 km ENE on Byron to
the traffic light at Island Park Drive. Here you will join the route of
those travelling west on the 417, who had only to exit onto Island Park
Drive and go 0.9 km NNW along it to reach Byron. From Byron and Island Park
continue NW along Island Park to the Champlain Bridge and part way across
it, making a right-hand turn onto Bate Island

Good birding,

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