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January 14, 2016
Concerning existing rarities, the SUMMER TANAGER was last seen in New Edinburgh on the 11th, and the TUFTED TITMOUSE was still a visitor at some feeders in Breckenridge as late as the 9th but is likely still around.

The latest rarity (but again, a “regular rarity”) was a HARLEQUIN DUCK at Bate Island from the 9th to at least the 13th.

The rather mild weather until the 10th, with heavy rain on the 10th as well, prevented additional freezing of the rivers.  The remainder of the week had seasonal to a bit below seasonal temperatures with some snow. Thus a few good waterbirds were found, and some lingerers continued to linger, but aside from this there was no real change to the remainder of the avian population, and the birding was relatively dull.

Some lingering waterbirds continue to bring interest to winter birders. The NORTHERN PINTAIL WAS AT Billings Bridge until the 8th, 2 AMERICAN WIGEON were at Britannia as late as the 10th, and the WOOD DUCK still near the Rideau Tennis Club as late as the 13th. A RED-BREASTED MERGANSER was at Britannia Point on the 9th and Rideau River on the 10th, and the AMERICAN COOT was still at High Falls in Casselman on the 11th-12th.

The first recent report of 10 GRAY PARTRIDGE (10) were on the 7th on the Reveler recreational trails near Russell.

Other assorted birds of interest are as follows:

1.       CAROLINA WREN on the 9th near Brantwood Park.
2.       NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD on the 9th at Britannia.
3.       LAPLAND LONGSPUR on Garvin Rd on the 12th
4.       COMMON GRACKLE in Barrhaven on the 12th.
5.       RUSTY BLACKBIRD continuing on Diamondview Road as of the 11th.
6.       RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD and a BROWN-HEADED COWBIRD were coming to a feeder near Carlsbad Springs on the 11th-12th.
7.       14 WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILL on Farmview Rd. on the 11th.

The OFNC's Birds Committee no longer reports owl sightings on the Internet. We will continue to encourage the reporting of owls to sightings at ofnc.ca for the purpose of maintaining local records. 
Thanks to everyone who contributed bird observations.
Good birding.  		 	   		  

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