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OFO members have received or soon will received their February 2016 issue of OFO News. We hope you enjoy reading it. To renew or join OFO please go to the OFO Website: www.ofo.ca

Volume 34, Number 1, Pages 1-16

Hawk Commentary - Ron Pittaway provides an interesting commentary regarding hawkwatching. This is a timely  article as the Niagara Peninsula Hawkwatch begins March 1, 2016. Photos by Charmaine Anderson and Barry Cherriere.

Finch Forecaster - this is a compelling interview with Ron Pittaway about his now annual Finch Forecast. A great read accompanied by Jean Iron's photos.
Rare Birds from Toronto's Western Waterfront - in a large and ever expanding city like Toronto it is quite intriguing to assess the number of rare and uncommon birds that still frequent the area along the western shore of Lake Ontario. Garth Riley reminisces about his experience over the last 30 years.
Point Pelee Area Shorebirds 2016 - provides important information regarding opportunities this spring to hone your shorebird identification skills.
Ontario Bird Records Committee Update - Ken Burrell requests nominations for new OBRC committee members. Nominees must be OFO members.

Welcome Garth Riley, Lead Editor of OFO News - Lynne Freeman, OFO President, welcomes Garth Riley as new lead editor and thanks Cindy Cartwright, previous lead editor, for her contributions to OFO News.

President's Message - from OFO President Lynne Freeman.
Carden Alvar Bluebirds - 2015 proved to be a good year according to Herb Furniss.

Ontario Birds and OFO News Back Issues Online - important information about improved public access to OFO publications.
Book Review - Birds of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. 2015. Norman Arlott. - Justin Peter provides commentary on this new field guide.  

Book Review - Being a Bird in North America, North of Mexico, Volume 1: Waterfowl to Shorebirds. 2015. Robert Alvo - Dan Riley reviews this book which takes a unique approach to birds and ecology.
Photo Quiz - Jon Ruddy presents a challenging quiz with a hawk photo taken by Nicole Watson.

Welcome to our new Photo Quiz editor - OFO News is proud to welcome Jon Ruddy and also thanks Willie D'Anna for his contributions over the past six years.
Enclosures1. The Great Canadian Birdathon Flyer – Please sponsor Bruce and Ben Di Labio, OFO's celebrity birders. 

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