Two Golden Eagles South west of Delhi

Garth Riley rileygv at
Mon Mar 7 19:25:17 EST 2016

Hello everyone,
My son Dan and I went down to the Delhi area today to see if we could luck into these birds posted by Gerry Binsfeld yesterday. Our first attempt at 12:30 PM was unsuccessful so we headed down to check out the Long Point area which was surprisingly lacking in large numbers of birds. 
On our way back we decided to check out Concession Rd. 2 S again which runs south west of Delhi. We took Hwy. 59 north and turn right on to Concession Rd. 2 S. At 2:15 PM we had both of the birds soaring and coming in from the north east. They were about 5 minutes apart. Our exact location was on Concession Rd. 2 S. 200 metres west of Byerlay Side Rd. The first bird we saw had some white speckling on the upper surface of the wings and a little less on the underside. We agree with Gerry's conclusion that this was a sub-adult. The second bird appeared to be a full adult. Managed a couple of distant photographs which will be posted on ebird. 

>From Delhi take Hwy. 3 west to Shafer Side Rd. Turn right (south) the road bends to the right and becomes Concession Rd. 2 S. The birds have been seen at various times from this road any where from Fernlea Rd. to west of Byerlay Side Rd. Good birding.  Garth Riley Etobicoke, Ontario rileygv at

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