[Ontbirds] St. Lawrence River at Brockville: Waterfowl movement

Jon Ruddy accipitriformes at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 14:42:51 EST 2016

Hi there,

Today, 8 March 2016, I was en route from Ottawa to bird Prince Edward Co.
for the day but was delayed at Brockville -- the 401 was a stand still.
Over a span of 50 min, while basically parked on the highway, I enjoyed
watching a large influx of geese heading SE over the highway. I tallied
roughly 4000 Canada Geese and 450 Snow Geese flying SE, about 5 km east of
Brockville. When I finally made it to Brockville, I decided that I would
head to the lookout at Blockhouse Island and do a river watch. From 1100 -
1300 h I tallied: 3800 Snow Geese, 3000 Canada Geese, 165 Northern Pintail
and 54 Common Merganser. All of the above waterfowl were heading E along
the river, 'pinched' in to a relatively narrow (300 m wide approx) channel
of open water. A wonderful spectacle!

Directions to Blockhouse Island: From the 401, take exit 696 and continue
south on Stewart Blvd (road 29) to King Street W (road 2). Head east on
King Street W to Market Street W then south on Market Street. Market Street
become Blockhouse Island Rd. once past Water Street W.

Good birding,

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