[Ontbirds] Eurasian Wigeon continues at Tommy Thompson or Leslie St. spit, in east Toronto.

Lucio Fazio lukefazio at rogers.com
Sun Mar 13 18:07:04 EDT 2016

Hi folks:
   The male  Eurasian Wigeon continues at Tommy Thompson, cell 3 off the Bird Banding station on peninsula D. It was found a week ago by Garth Riley.
 After parking , at base of Leslie St & Unwin, walk 35 minutes on the Spit Rd., then turn right or north on the rd leading to Yacht Club or Bird Banding Station ( 250 m before wooden bridge); walk 150 m to wooden buildings of Bird Banding on the left. Look a the edge of the ice on the left between ball buoy 30 and 31, with many Redheads, Scaups, and a few American Wigeons. Will post pics and video later.
     Nice bird for Toronto, my last one in Toronto was 20 years ago!
Other birds seen by Luc Fazio include....
> Canada Goose (Branta canadensis)  5
> Mute Swan (Cygnus olor)  2
> Gadwall (Common) (Anas strepera strepera)  15
> Eurasian Wigeon (Anas penelope)  1     Pics and Videos taken by Luc Fazio of continuing male 
> American Wigeon (Anas americana)  6
> American Black Duck (Anas rubripes)  12
> Mallard (Northern) (Anas platyrhynchos platyrhynchos/conboschas)  75    
> Northern Shoveler (Anas clypeata)  3
> Northern Pintail (Anas acuta)  2
> Green-winged Teal (American) (Anas crecca carolinensis)  2
> Canvasback (Aythya valisineria)  14
> Redhead (Aythya americana)  60
> Ring-necked Duck (Aythya collaris)  18
> Greater Scaup (Aythya marila)  150
> Lesser Scaup (Aythya affinis)  2
> Tufted Duck x scaup sp. (hybrid) (Aythya fuligula x marila/affinis)  1     Continuing hybrid. Small tuft on back of head , dark grey back, an up & down 
> line separating top fron belly on the flanks. Continuing bird found by Ian Fleming.
> White-winged Scoter (North American) (Melanitta fusca deglandi)  2
> Long-tailed Duck (Clangula hyemalis)  35
> Bufflehead (Bucephala albeola)  4
> Common Goldeneye (Bucephala clangula)  12
> Hooded Merganser (Lophodytes cucullatus)  2
> Common Merganser (North American) (Mergus merganser americanus)  4
> Red-breasted Merganser (Mergus serrator)  8
> Red-necked Grebe (Podiceps grisegena)  2
> Sharp-shinned Hawk (Northern) (Accipiter striatus [velox Group])  1
> Killdeer (Charadrius vociferus)  1
> Ring-billed Gull (Larus delawarensis)  120
> Herring Gull (American) (Larus argentatus smithsonianus)  15
> Iceland Gull (kumlieni) (Larus glaucoides kumlieni)  3
> Great Black-backed Gull (Larus marinus)  1
> Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon) (Columba livia (Feral Pigeon))  6
> Mourning Dove (Mainland) (Zenaida macroura [carolinensis Group])  2
> Common Raven (Corvus corax)  1
> American Robin (migratorius Group) (Turdus migratorius 12
> European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris)  15
> American Tree Sparrow (Spizelloides arborea)  2
> Song Sparrow (melodia/atlantica) (Melospiza melodia 1
> Red-winged Blackbird (Red-winged) (Agelaius phoeniceus  2
> Common Grackle (Bronzed) (Quiscalus quiscula versicolor)  1
Cheers ...Luc

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