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Kingston Area Birds: 9th April – 15th April 2016


Kingston Field Naturalists (KFN) maintains records in a 50km radius of MacDonald Park, Kingston. Birders using eBird are encouraged to share their sightings with ‘Kingston FN’. Alternatively, please email or post records directly to Mark Read(markdread at gmail.com) . Please note that some sightings may require review and remain unconfirmed unless stated otherwise.



With brisk North winds and associated wintery weather during the first part of the week, migrants and bird reports were trickling in at best. Now that the weather has decided it’s spring, the first actual push of migrants appeared on the 15th. Highlights of the week include: SANDHILL CRANE, BOHEMIAN WAXWING, CASPIAN TERN, BROWN THRASHER, VIRGINIA RAIL, CLIFF SWALLOW, RUBY-CROWNED KINGLET.



The first RUBY-CROWNED KINGLET was reported on the 13th, while larger numbers appeared at Lemoine Point and Marshlands C.A. on the 15th. Also at Marshlands on the morning of the 15th were the first of the area CASPIAN TERNS, WHITE-THROATED and SAVANNAH SPARROWS, notable numbers of FOX SPARROW, HERMIT THRUSH and DARK-EYED JUNCOS, and PILEATED WOODPECKERS nest building. VIRGINIA RAIL reported calling at Marshlands C.A. on the 12th. Five BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS were reported from Little Cataraqui Creek C.A. ON THE 14TH. 


Wolfe Island IBA

SNOWY OWLS were still present as of the 9th with no other reports from the island since that date.


Prince Edward County

The first CLIFF SWALLOWS were reported from the Bird Observatory on the 14th and BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS numbering in the 100’s were reported on the 13th, with smaller numbers with the odd CEDAR WAXWING remaining on the 14th. Numbers of BONAPARTES GULLS continue to build, but no LITTLE GULLS reported this week.

Note: Those looking to take the Glenora ferry to PEC this week should be aware there is no service on April 20th from 10 am until 4pm.


Other sightings

North of Kingston, single SANDHILL CRANES flying over were reported in a few locations on the 9th, 10th and 12th. Just North of the city a BROWN THRASHER was sighted on the 13th.


Special note re Amherstview Sewage Lagoons: The property is still undergoing delayed construction work and is strictly off limits to all. It is now predicted to re-open to those with written permission in late summer/early autumn.


In order to minimise disturbance to wildlife and property, Kingston Field Naturalists has adopted the KFN Sensitive Sightings Policy. Also note that, as requested by the landowners, sightings of owls at the privately-owned Owl Woods must not be shared on the Internet (this includes posting as ‘Amherst Island’ on eBird) by KFN or anyone who visits. To ensure continued access to this location, please respect their wishes and follow the guidelines posted on-site. To maintain records for conservation purposes, sightings from that location are welcomed through all the traditional channels.


As always, thanks to all those who have submitted sightings over the last week.


James Barber

(covering for  Mark Read)

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