[Ontbirds] Kingston Area Birds: 23rd - 29th April 2016

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Fri Apr 29 16:34:47 EDT 2016

Kingston Field Naturalists (KFN) maintains records in a 50km radius of
MacDonald Park, Kingston. Birders using eBird are encouraged to share their
sightings with 'Kingston FN'. Alternatively, please email or post records
directly to me - contact details below.  Please note that some sightings may
require review and remain unconfirmed unless stated otherwise.



A week of mainly northerly winds has slowed down any significant movement of
migrants this week, though a few new species have trickled through.
Highlights of the week include: SORA, GOLDEN EAGLE, SANDHILL CRANE, SOLITARY



Not too much to report from Kingston this week, though WARBLING VIREO and
GREY CATBIRD were observed at Lemoine Point CA on 28th. A BLUE-GREY
GNATCATCHER was seen at Marshlands CA on 24th.


Wolfe Island IBA

A SNOWY OWL continued to be seen on 4th Line to 27th at least. Big Sandy Bay
has had a MARSH WREN for a couple of weeks now and 150+ RUSTY BLACKBIRDS
were seen there last weekend. A ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK was back in the
village on 28th, and a handful of REDHEAD are still to be seen in Reed's


Prince Edward County

Prince Edward Point and Kaiser Cross Road have continued to produce the
lion's share of sightings this week with up to 10 LITTLE GULLS at Kaiser on
24th. Also seen there were on 24th were 4 PECTORAL SANDPIPERS and a TUNDRA
SWAN. Over at Prince Edward Point a continuing male CAPE MAY WARBLER was
seen on the same date. 


Other sightings

A LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE was seen at Napanee Plains IBA on 28th, as were 4 UPLAND
SANDPIPERS. A SOLITARY SANDPIPER was at Wilton Creek, near Napanee on 27th,
and a GOLDEN EAGLE was observed near Crosby on 28th. A SORA was at Yarker
Marsh on 25th. Louisiana Waterthrush returned to the area on 23rd and
NORTHERN WATERTHUSHES were noted at several locations from 24th onwards.
SANDHILL CRANES were again seen at several locations. An Eastern
Whip-poor-will was at Clayton, NY, on 28th and 4 COMMON TERNS were at Point
Salubrious on 25th.


Special note re Amherstview Sewage Lagoons: The property is still undergoing
delayed construction work and is strictly off limits to all. It is now
predicted to re-open to those with written permission in late summer/early


In order to minimise disturbance to wildlife and property, Kingston Field
Naturalists has adopted the KFN Sensitive Sightings Policy. Also note that,
as requested by the landowners, sightings of owls at the privately-owned Owl
Woods must not be shared on the Internet (this includes posting as 'Amherst
Island' on eBird) by KFN or anyone who visits. To ensure continued access to
this location, please respect their wishes and follow the guidelines posted
on-site. To maintain records for conservation purposes, sightings from that
location are welcomed through all the traditional channels.


As always, thanks to all those who have submitted sightings over the last




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