[Ontbirds] Chuck Wills Widow at Point Pelee May 12

olivesided olivesided at gmail.com
Thu May 12 21:12:47 EDT 2016

At approximately 840 pm a large night jar with broad head and stiff wing beats flew from the Tilden Woods area, across the VC parking lot, and dove into forest behind VC. At around 8 51 or so a group of 6 birders heard several times the call of the Chuck Wills Widow coming from South of the VC. To compare and contrast an Eastern Whip Poor Will responded a couple times to the chuck While common nighthawks flew overhead . 3 Night jars, 1 lot. 
This bird should be audible very early tomorrow morning from just behind the visitor Centre.  
The VC is located on point pelee drive in the park itself. 
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