[Ontbirds] Third Annual Fred Bodsworth Memorial Whimbrel Watch day 5

Tim McCarthy TimMcCarthy_5 at hotmail.com
Mon May 23 17:13:59 EDT 2016

Hello Fellow Whimbrel Fans

This is going to be a quickie, not because I've run out of stuff to say, ohhhhhh, no, not that. Its because the Watching today was as bad as yesterday was good. We didn't see a single Whimbrel, in fact there wasn't much of anything. Shame on the little rascals. They must be piled up 3 deep in the DelMarVa (wonderful word, that) as our new/old friends at the Virginia Coast Nature Conservancy have confirmed. No birds left there last night - no birds came through Sam Smith today. The crabs down there must be especially delicious to keep them eating on their supposedly  best migration day.  And as an aside, our Whimbreleer Tom Lane reminds us that as long as there is a full moon, the horseshoe Crabs will be spawning down there and that means the Red Knots will be gorging on their annual feast. Horeseshoe crab eggs. I'd sure love to see that.

Kinda makes you want to go out for sushi, no? Pass the Wasabe, would you please?

Today's highlight was a Wilson's Phalarope. Named after Alexander Wilson, 1766-1813, a man many consider to be the true father of ornithology. Have some fun around the birding family dinner table tonight and see who can name all the birds named after him. But not the basketball.

Sorry, bit too much sun.


oh, its time to remind before we go that Sam Smith Park may be found at the very southern end of Kipling Avenue ( =  New Toronto's 18th Street)and Whimbrel Point at the very southern end of the Park. Come on out, it can't be any worse than today.


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