[Ontbirds] Third Annual Fred Bodsworth Memorial Whimbrel Watch (day 7)

Wayne Renaud waynerenaud12 at gmail.com
Wed May 25 18:15:18 EDT 2016

On Jean Iron's request I am forwarding a short summery of today's results.
Tim McCarthy spent the day another nearby location and report his finding
separately.  Observation time: 5:25 am to 4:00 pm.  We had the usual
situation whereby flocks moving into the area were circling and combining
with flocks already present, then reappearing in even large flocks of up to
250 birds.  We only included totals for what we considered were new birds
entering the area.  As such we ended up with a day total of *637 Whimbrels*
... 514 by noon and two flocks of 100 and 23 occurring later just before
(2:15 pm) and after (3:09 pm) the band of showers passed by.  Few other
shorebirds were recorded unlike yesterday: totals: Dunlin: 67, Spotted
Sandpiper: 5; Ruddy Turnstone: 3; Semipalmated Sandpiper: 1; Killdeer: 1.

The park is located south of Humber College Campus just south of Lakeshore
south of Kipling.  The nearest parking lot is located at the end of Colonel
Smith Park Drive which aligns with the south end of Kipling at Lakeshore.

Wayne Renaud (waynerenaud12 at gmail.com)

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