[Ontbirds] Third Annual Fred Bodsworth Whimbrel Watch

Tim McCarthy TimMcCarthy_5 at hotmail.com
Sat May 28 04:56:06 EDT 2016

Good Morning fellow fans of the mighty Whimbrel

I didn't post a summary of yesterday because nothing happened other than 1 Whimbrel and a couple of Black-Bellied Plovers. Late in the afternoon 60 or so were seen thanks to a birder I have not met but would like to.

Even the good folks in Virginia tried to make our day by sending us 1300 Whimbrel the night before but - who knows? maybe they didn't like the weather. I'd sure love to know where they went.

Its business as usual today. It would be a great time for a beginning birder to get some experience on one of the Bird Festival walking trips. Bring the kids. Or if you are an experienced birder come out and show 'em how its done. There are still plenty of good birds around and then there's us. We will be on the Whimbrel Watch from today through May 31st at Whimbrel Point, Sam Smith Park, the foot of Kipling Avenue from 6am until we run out of Whimbrels. See you there.

Good luck, Gotta go


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