[Ontbirds] White Heron/Egret - Etobicoke

David Pryor stg1 at sympatico.ca
Thu Jun 9 08:51:17 EDT 2016

About 20 minutes ago while in my car, I had a small/medium-sized white heron/egret flying NW, relatively low (at a height just above the top of the hydro towers) at the intersection of Kipling & Rathburn in central Etobicoke. 

I was able to pull off the road and get my binoculars on it. Keeping in mind the recent report of a possible Snowy Egret in the GTA, I got an excellent view of this bird in good light as it continued to fly NW. However, unlike that report, this bird's feet were dark, as were its legs. The bird's bill was also dark.

In terms of size, it was roughly the same size as a Black-crowned Night-Heron or perhaps slightly larger.

Birders in the western GTA and HSA should keep an eye out.

David Pryor

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