[Ontbirds] White Pelicans - Guelph Lake CA

Kyle Horner kylejhorner at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 07:36:36 EDT 2016

Hello all,

Last night at about 7:30pm a small group of us had a pair of White Pelicans
lift off the water and fly overhead while we were on The Island at Guelph
Lake Conservation Area...definitely a very uncommon sighting on the lake,
and a good-looking pair of birds!  Hopefully they stay around for a bit.
Observers were Chris Earley, Jiffy Gibson, Jenn Bock, Dav Nemethy-Fekete
and myself.

Good birding!

>From HWY 401, take the Hanlon Pkwy (HWY 6) north to Guelph.  Follow it to
its end at Woodlawn Rd. and turn right.  In approximately 4km turn left on
Victoria Rd. N.  In approximately 1.5km turn right on Conservation Rd. and
follow it to Guelph Lake Conservation Area.  Follow signs to The Island.
Kyle Horner
Guelph, Ontario

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