Access to the Shirley's Bay causeway Ottawa

Christopher Traynor ctraynor59 at
Wed Aug 31 21:54:10 EDT 2016

Posted with permission of Mark Cranford, Ontbirds Coordinator.
The Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club (OFNC) has renewed their agreement for access to the Shirley’s Bay causeway with DND (Department of National Defence) and PWGS (Public Works Government Services). The agreement will last for five years and it allows OFNC members to access the causeway as long as those members call the DND Range Control Office at 613-991-5740 before entering the area. Range Control will let you know if it is safe to access all or a portion of the causeway.
There seems to be a misconception that the general public has access to the causeway as long as they call Range Control. This is not the case. Access is for OFNC members only. If you're not a member and you access the causeway you could be charged with trespassing. 

Chris Traynor,Chair, OFNC Birds Committee

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