[Ontbirds] Amazing morning on Pelee north dyke

Mike & Jan Austin mj_eh at comcast.net
Tue Sep 6 10:07:04 EDT 2016

Forty-four species of birds in 2 hours this morning including many amazing
numbers & interesting species! Most amazing were many large flocks of
Bobolinks leaving the Pelee marsh headed inexplicably south, conservatively
estimated at 1100 birds! Nine species of shorebirds including 6
Buff-breasted Sandpipers (reported yesterday in an onion field just north of
this one) and a late fly-over, calling Upland Sandpiper. Two Sandhill Cranes
flew over the marsh bugling & two Merlins strafed first the ditch along
Mersea E, then the shorebird flock with the "Buffies".


Just before the entrance to Point Pelee National Park, turn left on Mersea
Rd E.  Follow this narrow paved road to the end at Mersea Rd. 19 where there
is a large gravel pull-out. I walk the grassy dyke east from this point to
the corner 1.3 km. away.  Habitats include the Pelee marsh beyond the canal
on the south, onion fields to the north, and scrubby trees along the dyke,
itself.  The dyke goes almost to the lakeshore where there are large


Mike Austin,


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