[Ontbirds] High park Raptorwatch Sept. 14, 2016

Tim McCarthy TimMcCarthy_5 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 14 23:17:04 EDT 2016

From: Tim McCarthy, via Ontbirds

Hello fellow Hawkwatchers

In case you wonder where I've been since last Sunday its because I vowed to report here only on days that were interesting. Otherwise a daily report filed by me and also all the other Raptor sites can be seen daily on HMANA's website.

So today was sort of interesting. Another day of Northwest winds brought many Raptors, Broadwingeds included, over high Park. As you know, I've been planning to hedge the bets by setting up a North - South line of observers this Saturday to catch those deviant rascal Broadwings but so far they've been coming through like in the old days and I've been made a fool of. I hope so, anyway. If you can get out on Saturday anyway, hopefully the rain will be moderate and you will be bound to see something. Most importantly - please post your sightings here or to me direct at my email address.

Here's what our cast of experts, not-so experts and just plain characters saw today:

10  Turkey vultures (has their population increased to the critical mass so that they migrate with some early, some late?)

1     Bald Eagle  (Mother Nature's  poster boy)

1     Northern Harrier

57  Sharpshins

 3    Coopers

29   Broadwings - lots of ones and twos, but just one kettle today of 18 or so

  6   RedTails

 5    American Kestrels  (with Canadian citizenship)

3     Merlin (now firmly entrenched as breeders right here in Toronto)

2 UB and 1 UR - that's unidentified. Now isn't that shameful? If you'd been here maybe things would have been different.

For a total of  117 raptors., 15 Canada Geese, 2 RT Hummingbirds, a Nighthawk, a Raven, 2 Com. Loons a dozen or so Monarch Butterflies and hundreds of assorted Dragonflies. Never a dull moment.

Please note something you may have missed up to now. Absolutely everybody is welcome to visit High Park's Hawk Hill while the watch is on. There is always a group of watchers there who can point things out, answer your questions and now,

provide an education for Raptorwatchers and aspiring Raptorwatchers whatever their degree of expertise. Park your car at the Grenadier Restaurant and walk a few steps North and join us tomorrow.

Happy Hawking,


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