[Ontbirds] Detroit River Hawk Watch (12 Oct 2016) 212 Raptors

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Wed Oct 12 18:03:02 EDT 2016

Detroit River Hawk Watch
Brownstown, Michigan, USA
Daily Raptor Counts: Oct 12, 2016

Species            Day's Count    Month Total   Season Total
------------------ ----------- -------------- --------------
Black Vulture                0              0              0
Turkey Vulture             181          15103          16423
Osprey                       0              4             22
Bald Eagle                   0             25             79
Northern Harrier             0             60            283
Sharp-shinned Hawk          27            976           3482
Cooper's Hawk                1             39             83
Northern Goshawk             0              0              0
Red-shouldered Hawk          0             35             36
Broad-winged Hawk            0            130          17529
Swainson's Hawk              0              0              0
Red-tailed Hawk              1            318            452
Rough-legged Hawk            0              0              0
Golden Eagle                 0              0              0
American Kestrel             0             53            531
Merlin                       1             11             29
Peregrine Falcon             1             22             26
Unknown Accipiter            0              2              5
Unknown Buteo                0             17             26
Unknown Falcon               0              0              2
Unknown Eagle                0              0              0
Unknown Raptor               0              1             12

Total:                     212          16796          39020

Observation start time: 07:00:00 
Observation end   time: 15:00:00 
Total observation time: 8 hours

Official Counter:        Dustin Brewer

Observers:        Andrew Sturgess, Rosemary Brady

We only had a few visitors all day. The sugar maple beside the count site
that is currently blazing in its fall garb provided some entertainment for
them, even if the raptors did not.

When we arrived, the temperature was cool but quickly warmed so that our
jackets could be shed within the first hour. There was a light south wind
all day, and the clouds increased to cover most of the sky by 10, after
being mostly absent at the beginning of the count. The barometric pressure
steadily decreased after 8. 

Raptor Observations:
One could call today 'relaxing' because as counters there was little to do,
and the weather for US was basically perfect. Apparently the weather was
not perfect for the raptors, as, aside from a couple very distant TV
kettles, we had an exceptionally slow day, with only a handful (if one can
hold 27) of Accipiters, a Red-tailed Hawk, and a Merlin. The dropping
barometric pressure (a precursor of bad weather) may have been perceived by
raptors in the area, causing them to not move much today over our site. 

Non-raptor Observations:
We spotted several Rusty Blackbirds flying over the count site today, a
couple distant Mute Swans, as well as our abundant friends of late,
Red-winged Blackbirds (650+) and Blue Jays (775+). No Monarch butterflies

Tomorrow has the potential to be a good day considering that winds are
predicted to be from the northwest which could guide TVs and raptors
overhead. Further, the birds that didn't move today could move tomorrow.
Report submitted by Detroit River Hawk Watch (greg_norwood at fws.gov)
Detroit River Hawk Watch information may be found at:

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