[Ontbirds] Reesor Pond Geese - Snows and Cackling.

Norm Murr normurr at sympatico.ca
Tue Oct 25 17:13:36 EDT 2016

Ian Cannell and I stopped at Reesor Pond this afternoon to try and find the 7 Snow Geese reported earlier in the week’'.

We found not 7 Snow Gees but 11 of them, all white phase.

We didn’t check through the 2000 or so Canada Geese to try and find the duck species also reported earlier as well but we did have a big surprise in seeing the most Cackling Geese we have ever seen.

It was all but impossible to do an actual count as they were mixed in with the Canada Geese (a lot of the Geese were backed by a low sun) but we estimated that no less than 50 Cackling Geese were present.

Good to excellent comparisons with the Canada Geese.

A scope recommended but you can probably see some of the Cackling Geese with binoculars.

Note- The Geese leave the pond in the morning for the fields, etc. and return in the late afternoon. When we stopped by around 9 am there was only one Goose on the pond.


Reesor Pond is on the northwest corner of Reesor Road and Hwy 407 in Markham. It is bounded by Reesor Road on the east, Donald Cousins Parkway ( formerly Markham By-Pass ) on the west, Hwy 407 on the south and Hwy 7 on the north.

Exit Hwy 407 at Exit number 96 ( go north ) on Donald Cousins Parkway and you will see the pond on the north side of the highway beside Donald Cousins Parkway.

Your best bet is to drive up ( north on ) Donald Cousins Parkway to Hwy 7. Turn right ( east ) on Hwy 7 and drive the very short distance to Ressor Road.

Turn right ( south ) on Reesor Road and drive down to the gate on your right and park here ( do not block gate ) and there is no need to pass through the gate as the whole pond is viewable from the gate and you do not want to flush the birds before you even get to look them over.

Norm Murr
Richmond Hill
Ontario, Canada

You can't see birds if you don't go out but sit and wait for others to find them.

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