[Ontbirds] Holiday Beach Conservation Area (14 Nov 2016) 17 Raptors

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Mon Nov 14 18:08:51 EST 2016

Holiday Beach Conservation Area
Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada
Daily Raptor Counts: Nov 14, 2016

Species            Day's Count    Month Total   Season Total
------------------ ----------- -------------- --------------
Turkey Vulture               0           2792          45914
Osprey                       0              0             68
Bald Eagle                   0             32            292
Northern Harrier             2             84            610
Sharp-shinned Hawk           0            118           7780
Cooper's Hawk                4            103            505
Northern Goshawk             0              2              5
Red-shouldered Hawk          1            249            546
Broad-winged Hawk            0              0           6115
Red-tailed Hawk             10           2119           4356
Rough-legged Hawk            0             11             20
Golden Eagle                 0             37             55
American Kestrel             0              4           1207
Merlin                       0              6            126
Peregrine Falcon             0              2             44
Unknown Accipiter            0              1              8
Unknown Buteo                0             38             63
Unknown Eagle                0              0              1
Unknown Falcon               0              2              6
Unknown Raptor               0              0              1
Swainson's Hawk              0              0              2

Total:                      17           5600          67724

Observation start time: 08:00:00 
Observation end   time: 15:30:00 
Total observation time: 7.5 hours

Official Counter:        Sean Jenniskens

Observers:        Jim McCoy, Michael Williamson

Kit M., Jim M., and Mike W., were up on the tower today for varying amounts
of time, all hoping for a glimpse of a Gyrfalcon! There was also a
gentleman from London ON that had come down to see the Cattle Egrets just
up the road from the park, though unfortunately they did not seem to be
present today.

Moderate-light South component winds all day seemed to keep all the birds
away! We had great skies for watching birds, but unfortunately those skies
were wasted.

Raptor Observations:
Today was a fairly fruitless day with only 17 raptors being recorded, 10 of
which being Red-tailed Hawks slowly making their way West along the far
North shoreline of the marsh. 4 of our hourly datasheets went birdless
unfortunately, and the last bird of the day occurred before 1pm. There was
been a Gyrfalcon reported not too far East of us yesterday, so we had all
hoped that it would show itself but no such luck!

Non-raptor Observations:
A few reasonably late birds around the tower today! One Orange-crowned
Warbler spent some time wandering the weeds and shrubs below the tower, and
also present, though more briefly, was a single Gray Catbird, and a Brown
Thrasher. Duck numbers visible by the tower seemed to have thinned
slightly, though there sure are a lot out of view, as occasionally
something will spook them and there will be a cloud of ducks to the far NW.
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The predictions for tomorrow are basically the same as we had toady. Lets
hope they are wrong!
Report submitted by Sean Jenniskens (seanjenniskens at hotmail.com)
Holiday Beach Conservation Area information may be found at:

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