[Ontbirds] Kleinburg CBC - Preliminary Results

Bob Noble bob_noble at rogers.com
Mon Dec 19 08:55:21 EST 2016

The 36th annual Kleinburg count was completed yesterday, December 18th, in cold but clear conditions. The snow cover was heavy and there was very little open water. 
Thirty field observers and 7 feeder watchers recorded 52 species and 8649 individual birds, both below the count averages of 55 species and 11,750 individuals. Good birds for the day included Snow Goose (2nd for the count), American Coot (7th count), Sandhill Crane (2nd count), Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (2nd count), Lapland Longspur (5th count) and Eastern Bluebird (3rd count). Notable misses included Ruffed Grouse (29 previous counts), Great Blue Heron (25 previous counts), Eastern Screech-Owl (30 previous), Common Redpoll (21 previous) and Pine Siskin (27 previous).
The numbers for individual species were generally lower but with no exceptionally low counts for any single species. The only noteworthy high number was 83 for the Sandhill Cranes.
Many thanks to all of the participants and I will have the final results later in the week.
Bob NobleBrampton

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