[Ontbirds] 40th Annual Burk's Falls CBC

Martin and Kathy Parker mparker19 at cogeco.ca
Fri Dec 23 10:09:28 EST 2016

The 40th Annual Burk's Falls Christmas Bird Count was held on Friday.
December 16 with temperatures ranging from -28C to -8C.  This count is in
the eastern section of the District of Parry Sound, halfway between
Huntsville and North Bay on Highway 11.    There were 23 field participants
and 3 feeder watchers.


A total of 24 species consisting of 2671 individual birds were recorded.
The freezing conditions prior to the count resulted in no gulls and only two
species of waterfowl.  Lack of spruce and other cones reduced the number of
winter finches.


The overall highlight was the presence of a Red-bellied Woodpecker in the
Magnetawan area, a new species for this count, bring the all-time total
number of species to 92.


Other highlights:  2 Trumpeter Swan at Magnetawan, 18 Wild Turkey (new high)
but only 2 Ruffed Grouse, 3 Northern Shrike, 9 Gray Jays, 115 Bohemian
Waxwing, 34 Pine Grosbeak,  3 Purple Finch, 16 White-winged Crossbill, 658
American Goldfinch (new count high).


Winter finch numbers were low with no Red Crossbills, only 4 Common Redpoll,
and no Pine Siskin.  


A special thanks to Alex Mills who started this count in 1977 and still
attends with a crew from Barrie.


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