[Ontbirds] Richmond Hill CBC results

Gene Denzel lezned at bell.net
Fri Dec 23 11:57:20 EST 2016

The Richmond Hill count was held on 17 December, with 10 different groups and numerous feeder-watchers on the lookout.  A total of 51 species were identified, missing some regulars due to the rather inclement weather last week and on the day, and the absence of much open water.  Notable sightings included Northern Goshawk, Hermit Thrush, Rose-breasted Grosbeak and a RIng-necked Duck, the latter two firsts in over 40 counts in the circle. A couple of odd gulls were sighted but not id’ed, and there were no Snow Buntings (they showed up 2 days later!), and only one batch of Horned Larks. A couple of Ravens were seen, as they have become fairly regular in the last few years as they move South.

Gene Denzel
Professor emeritus, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
York University

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