[Ontbirds] Petroglpyhs CBC Results - Dec 27, 2016

Jones, Colin (MNRF) colin.jones at ontario.ca
Tue Jan 10 09:12:23 EST 2017

The 31st Petroglyphs Christmas Bird Count was held on Tuesday, December 27, 2016 during less than favourable weather conditions. The day was dull and overcast all day long with strong winds an intermittent periods of light snow and freezing drizzle.

Participants: 24
Total species: 28 (lower than the 10-year average of 33.5)
Total individuals: 1937 (10-year average is 2248)

In contrast to last year when there was a significant amount of open water resulting in 8 species of waterfowl, there was virtually no open water and therefore no waterbirds.

Notable species and count highs included:

COOPER'S HAWK: 1 (4th time on the count)
ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK: 1 dark-morph bird seen by two parties, likely the same bird (6th time on the count)
AMERICAN ROBIN: 11 (near the count high of 13)
BOHEMIAN WAXWING: 318 (previous count high was 76)

Low Counts:
RUFFED GROUSE: 6 (below 10-year average of 22 and the count high of 77)
MOURNING DOVE: 5 (below 10-year average of 20 and count high of 93)
PILEATED WOODPECKER: 4 (below the 10-year average of 14 and count high of 30)
BLUE JAY: 74 (below 10-year average of 271 and count high of 653)
RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH: 32 (below 10-year average of 100 and count high of 526)
GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLET: 4 (below 10-year average of 31 and count high of 120)

Notable Misses:
BARRED OWL: recorded every year since 1995 with the exception of 2012 and this year
GRAY JAY: a pair were visiting a feeder inside the count circle leading up to the count (count period) but were not present on count day. An average of 5 birds were recorded on the count up until 2009 but have not been recorded on count day since (with the exception of 2 in 2014).

With the exception of reasonably good numbers of AMERICAN GOLDFINCH (326) and 44 EVENING GROSBEAKS, no other finches were recorded.

The count circle (including the 6 areas) can be viewed at the
following link:

Thanks to all participants!

Colin Jones, Compiler
Peterborough, ON

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