[Ontbirds] Ottawa/ Gatineau-recent sightings to January 12, 2017

Gregory Zbitnew gkzbitnew at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 17:40:35 EST 2017

Ottawa Field Naturalists' Club
Ottawa/Gatineau (50 Km radius from Parliament Hill) E. Ontario, W. Quebec
Compiler:  Gregory Zbitnew at sightings at ofnc.ca

January 12, 2017

There were no real highlights this week, but there was a late report of 4
BOREAL CHICKADEE on the 2nd on Trail 3 off Camp Fortune Road.

Birding conditions were relatively static, and so was the bird population.
The resident birds resided, and the lingering birds lingered.  As is normal
in January, great swathes of field and forest were bereft of birds, with
pockets of activity at feeders and in the open water.  The weather was a
mix of freezes, thaws, snow, rain, freezing rain and sun, every type of
winter weather all in the same week.

The uncommon overwintering DUCKS continued this week-HARLEQUIN DUCK at
Hurdman (another was at the Champlain Bridge on the 7th), WOOD DUCK and
AMERICAN WIGEON at Billings Bridge, and NORTHERN PINTAIL on Iber Road.
GULLS have diminished considerably, but there was still a LESSER
BLACK-BACKED GULL at the Trail Road Landfill on the 7th.  The other
lingering flowing-water-dependent bird, BELTED KINGFISHER, was on the Jock
River at Greenbank on the 8th and on the 6th in Gatineau Park.

GRAY PARTRIDGE were their elusive selves, mostly buried in snow and
cornstalks,  and were last seen in the Eagleson-Rushmore area on the 6th,
but were near Carp on the 8th and in the Russell area on the 7th,

There have been a number of spots for fairly reliable RED-BELLIED
WOODPECKER-Gatineau, Fallowfield, and March Valley Road.   GOLDEN EAGLES
were seen from time to time on Steele Line Road and the vicinity.  A
NORTHERN GOSHAWK was seen near Magladry/ Canaan north of Larose Forest.

4 EASTERN BLUEBIRD were on Berry Side Road on the 7th, and 3 near Luskville
on the 12th.  CAROLINA WREN is fairly regular in Carlington and Carleton
Place, and a TUFTED TITMOUSE continues near Quyon as late as the 12th.

A FOX SPARROW is still regular in the Meadowlands area as late as the 8th,
and finally, 5 PINE GROSBEAK were near Lac Philippe on the 10th, and 2 were
in the Steele Line area on the 8th.

The OFNC's Birds Committee no longer reports owl sightings on the Internet.
We will continue to encourage the reporting of owls to sightings at ofnc.ca
for the purpose of maintaining local records.

Thanks to everyone who contributed bird observations. We encourage everyone
to report their bird sightings on eBird for the benefit of the entire
birding community.

Good birding.

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