[Ontbirds] Red-winged Blackbirds in Rossmore, PEC

Wallace Rendell WRendell at Loyalistc.on.ca
Mon Feb 13 11:41:37 EST 2017


Ten red-winged blackbirds were seen in a willow on the south side of Hennessy Street, Rossmore, PEC, ON, this past Saturday (11 Feb) at around  1 pm. The birds were with approximately 20 mourning doves, and extremely vocal, though they kept their epaulettes covered for the most part.

Also, same day, an adult female belted kingfisher was vocal and active on the Moira River, at the little park on the west side of the river, across from the abandoned building and adjacent new courthouse.  There you could also find six black ducks among the many tens of mallards and canada geese.

Wallace Rendell

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