[Ontbirds] Siskins etc. Gowganda ON. Temiskaming District North.

Paul and Gert Trudel ptrudel at ontera.net
Thu Feb 23 23:55:31 EST 2017


The temperatures and snow falls or lack of, this winter have had some impact
on the what has been coming to the feeders.
Siskins arrived this past weekend and number about 50. Common redpoll
numbers are about 75 and have been pretty consistent.
Blue jays -7 and have lots of Chickadees, and gold finches.  Evening
grosbeaks number about 75-100 and  Pines about the same.
Red -breasted nuthatches are regulars  as are Hairy and downy woodpeckers.
Gray jays are regular visitors. Two Starlings showed up a few days ago.
Have only seen one Great Gray Owl about 10 minutes drive from my house.

Gert Trudel
Gowganda Ontario..
 7 hours North of Toronto via highway 11 North.

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