[Ontbirds] Sandhill Cranes, Trumpeter Swan(s) and a Rough-legged Hawk along McKinnon and Strongville roads and Concession 2, Minesing Swamp at Angus

Weseloh, Chip (EC) chip.weseloh at canada.ca
Thu Mar 30 00:45:32 EDT 2017

Hi Ontbirders,
Yesterday afternoon,  we travelled the above roads in this wonderful wetland area looking for early migrants. Along McKinnon Rd. headed north, just where the blacktop ends, we heard 3-4 Sandhill Cranes calling off to the NW as well as about 40 swans in a field 300-400m to the west. To the north, at the junction with Concession 2 (Sunnidale) was a yellow wing-tagged (M42) Trumpeter Swam and a half dozen Northern Pintails.  Concession 2 was flooded and impassable so we back-tracked towards Angus, took Hwy 10 north to Concession 2 and turned right (east) and followed it to the water impass; we flushed several Killdeer along this road as well as a Rough-legged Hawk. Several large flocks of grackles, red-wings and starlings were in the wet fields but no Rusty Blackbirds. We returned to Hwy 10 taking it north to Concession 7 and turned right (east). This road turns left (north) after a km or two and becomes Strongville Rd. Shortly up this road, we noted a large flock of Canada Geese (200 birds) off to the right in a distant flooded field, just in front of a large wooded area. Off to the left of the geese were about 30 Sandhill Cranes foraging in the field.
In the next couple of weeks, this area will be a Mecca for waterbirds of all sorts...and, of course, there is a roosting site for Great Egrets on the north side of Concession 2, just west of McKinnon Road.
Good Birding,
Chip and Linda Weseloh

>From Barrie, go west on Hwy 90 (which crosses Hwy 400) towards Angus. Just before you reach Angus, go right (north) on McKinnon Rd, which intersects with Concession 2 and dead-ends shortly thereafter. Return to Hwy 90 and turn right (west). As Hwy 90 angles to the left to enter Angus, go off to the right to follow Hwy 10. Follow Hwy 10 to Concession 2, turn right (east), follow it to a small bridge, past a small parking lot on your left; venture farther east as water-over-the-road permits. Return to Hwy 10, turn right (north), follow it to Concession 7, turn right (east). Concession 7 will eventually turn left (north) and become Strongville Road...which eventually comes to a T with Hwy 26; go right (east) to return to just north of Barrie.

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