[Ontbirds] Rusty Blackbirds Lake Boshkung, Haliburton

Steve Kinsley steven.kinsley at sympatico.ca
Sat Oct 7 17:40:42 EDT 2017

First seen this morning, a flock of at least 25 has now grown to more than
50-60. I’ve been observing them on a privately owned Island in Echo Bay on Lake
Boshkung, where they forage in and under evergreens on the Island, but they
regularly fly out over the bay and around Lake Boshkung for extended periods of
time before returning to the Island. Birders in the area may have a good chance
of seeing them. Largest flock I have ever encountered. Lake Boshkung is located
north and west of Hwy 35 and Hwy 118.

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