[Ontbirds] Possible Cattle Egret in North London

Quinten Wiegersma qwiegersma at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 8 16:47:59 EDT 2017

Hello all,

This afternoon I saw what I think could POSSIBLY be a Cattle Egret in north London while in the car. It was flying away from me, and seemed to be entirely white. It's flight pattern reminded me of the CAEG I saw in Blenheim last year. I can not rule out a gull because of the distance and the short duration of the observation. The wings seemed to pointy to me, but maybe the angle had something to do with it.

I saw the bird flying far back from the road near the treeline between Highbury and Clarke on Sunningdale Rd. It was near the horse pastures at about the halfway point of the stretch of rd. There are many fields here, and plenty of habitat.

Good birding,

Quinten Wiegersma
London, Ont
qwiegersma at hotmail.com

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