[Ontbirds] Rondeau Townsend's Warbler (Not Tonight) and Ross's Goose (YES)

Quinten Wiegersma qwiegersma at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 14 21:11:45 EST 2017


Tonight my Dad and I checked out Bate's subdivision hoping for the Townsend's Warbler. We arrived later than we wanted due to construction on exit 90, which put us 45 minutes behind. I walked centre road up and down, then all of fifth street, where I heard some chip-note type calls and some chickadees, but I was unable to find anything. Don't let my dip discourage anyone from going, as the bird is without doubt still present...I just got there too late in the day.

The Ross's Goose was seen with the 2000+ Canada Geese on the lake. You can access the beach with a little trail at the end of fifth street. It was quite easy to pick out. It eventually flew NW with a bunch of Canada's around 5:20.

Although I didn't see my main target, I still managed to get one lifer. Not bad for a little after school birding excursion! (Now I just have to explain to my teacher why I was unable to get all my math done...)

Good birding,

Quinten Wiegersma

London, Ont




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