[Ontbirds] Loons - Cornwall

Brian Morin brianlmorin at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 12:40:06 EST 2017

Yesterday's post by Jon Ruddy of a Pacific Loon at the west end of Cornwall
was followed up this morning with a check of the waters west of the power
dam. There were a few loons present, representing at least two species.
There were several each of Common and Red-throated. One bird may possibly
have been the Pacific Loon but it could not be confirmed. Except for one of
the Red-throated Loons, all of the others were at a great distance,
viewable poorly at maximum scope power in the rain. There was also a Snowy
Owl on an island south of the Guindon Park boat launch area.

Brian Morin

DIRECTIONS:  All of the birds were viewed from the west end of Guindon Park
near the boat launch. You will need to go to the beach on the south side of
the vegetation. Guindon Park is at the west end of Cornwall along Cty Rd #2.

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