[Ontbirds] Red-winged Blackbird - Oakville

Cheryl Ferguson shez2002 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 9 13:28:53 EST 2018

Location: Oakville, ON 

A male red-winged blacked bird was at our BOSS (black oil sunflower seed) feeder for ~ 3 minutes until flushed by a passerby this morning. 
There is also a Hermit thrush and pair of Carolina wrens that visit the window feeder daily for a mixture of suet, peanuts, raisins, cherries & mealworms.
A pair of Hermit Thrushes were first noticed in the yard on Oct 13, 2017. A lone Hermit Thrush has been coming to the window feeder since before Christmas. During the cold spell in sits in full view of the feeder and takes cover when the hawks are in the area. It feeds up until 1700h in the evening.
Of possible interest, Aubrey Ferguson & I listened to what we think may have been a Great Grey Owl(s) communicating at a distance during the early morning of Jan 8, 2018 at ~ 0130h.  We used the Audubon App for comparison. It seemed that a ‘return call’ was further away but we cannot be sure. 

Cheryl Ferguson
Oakville, ON

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