[Ontbirds] 13th January Field Trip

Roy John roy.d.john at outlook.com
Thu Jan 11 13:59:00 EST 2018


Ottawa suffered a long period of -20 C or lower, that caused cancellations of hockey games, outdoor events and even Canada’s 150th Anniversary Parliament Hill New Year’s Eve party. It is the first time I have seen the Rideau River 99% frozen.  This severe weather has made finding birds really difficult in the Ottawa area this winter.  Unlike last year we have no special species lined up and even common birds like goldfinch are scarce.

The original forecast for Saturday 13th was for 15 to 20 cm of snow, today’s forecast is only 1 cm.  So I am planning to go ahead  - who knows what we might find.   We will look in the usual  good spots and hope for the best. I will see you at 8:00 a.m. at the Coliseum Theatre Parking Lot, northwest corner, 3090 Carling Ave., east of Bayshore, Ottawa.

Roy John

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