[Ontbirds] Fish Crow - Etobicoke

David Pryor stg1 at sympatico.ca
Thu Mar 29 19:42:49 EDT 2018

At around 5:25pm this evening while I was letting my dog out into my backyard in central Etobicoke, I clearly heard a Fish Crow give its distinctive single-note call several times. It was with 8-9 American Crows, which were also calling periodically. 

Unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough to record it on my phone before the birds continued off.

While Fish Crows have evidently been increasing in Ontario over the past several years, a greenbelt/creek valley located several kilometres away from Lake Ontario is most certainly not where I would have expected to encounter one.

Although this species has been periodically present in Niagara, Hamilton and Oakville in recent years, encounters east of Mississauga are still relatively unusual, so I felt it merited a post.

David Pryor

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