[Ontbirds] Snow Geese in Eastern Ontario

Brian Morin brianlmorin at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 14:13:59 EDT 2018

Full Stop. Following yesterday's significant rain and clearing this
morning, westerly winds picked up and took the geese back on their journey.
While a small number of birds flew over the site east of Lancaster they
landed in the middle of the river. At noon a larger flock of a few thousand
appeared from the north, likely having been feeding but before they reached
Hwy 401 they headed east and were high. Snow Geese in migration usually fly
high. All of that flock headed downriver to Quebec. There were no flocks in
fields to the north and even the Canada Goose numbers were way down. That
show is over. About 5,000 Snows were seen in the Casselman area earlier
this morning. There are some birds at Green Valley on Cty Rd 34.

>From here the main flight is done but in the next few weeks we'll see
flocks of a few thousand at a time appear at verious sites between the St.
Lawrence and the Ottawa River. In mid to late April we may see a secondary
flight of Lesser Snow Geese, but in the thousands not 10s of thousands. We
normally have about 40,000 + Greaters heading into May.

Brian Morin

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