[Ontbirds] Schomberg barnacle goose: no

Steve Kinsley steven.kinsley at sympatico.ca
Sat Mar 31 08:39:38 EDT 2018

I believe it’s been about a week since it was last seen. As our York Region data
reviewer for eBird said to me, its absence is fairly good evidence that it was
in fact a genuine wild bird, not an escapee, since it appears to have pushed
north with other migrant geese. That will ultimately be a final decision that
the OBRC will have to make, though, regarding its legitimacy as a wild bird
sighting by so many.

Steve Kinsley
Queensville, ON.

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> From: rrhonda rat via ONTBIRDS <birdalert at ontbirds.ca>
> Date: March 30, 2018 at 11:33 PM
> I was passing by Schomberg this afternoon around 4 pm so I stopped at the
> Trisan Centre to look for the Barnacle Goose. I hoped that the lack of posts
> since last weekend was because no one has looked for it. I spent about 40
> minutes checking the ponds and fields visible from the Trisan Centre but did
> not see it. The gate to the sewage treatment plant was open but I did not
> drive in because there is a no trespassing sign on the fence, so I don't know
> if it was in the far pond. I didn't have time to search the many farms and
> ponds in the area. Has anyone else looked it since last weekend?
> There were at least 5 Cackling Geese mixed in with the many Canada's, plus a
> few Ring-necked Ducks.
> Rhonda
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